Where Donations Go

What Donations are Used For

Donations to the One Pride Alliance go primarily to opening and operating our local community center's, that support all of our local LBGTQIA organizations.  Additional money goes to various services run by the center and other community organizations.  Grants and seed money are used to assist struggling, smaller or newer organizations to establish themselves within the community.  Our books and financials are open to the public, we want to be fully transparent.  Our books will show you where every dollar that comes in, where it is spent and when.

Our 501-c3 application has been submitted for non-profit status.

Purposes for Donations
  • Operating community centers
  • Funding necessary community center services
  • Funding projects and events that we or member organizations are sponsoring
  • Assisting struggling groups struggling with startup expenses
  • Youth programs
  • And more
Any questions or comments, email:  info@OnePrideIE.org

Thank you for your support!